Gone are the days when dancing used to be a hobby. Today, you can still dance for fun. However, the art has gone a notch higher…you can do it professionally! With competitive dance TV shows and the availability of dance classes, dancing is attracting a lot of attention.

Are you worried about where to begin? Not anymore – we got you covered! Here’s all that you need to know before enrolling for a dance class near you.

A Step by Step Guide: All That You Need to Know Before Attending Dance Classes

Dancing is an art just like any other. You are right; a dance class is like any other class! Let’s dig deeper and kick a few basics out of the way.

1.    Choosing Your Dance Classes

When it comes to choosing a dance class, go for your favorite dance class. If you have no idea of the ideal class for you, consult a professional (your teacher). They have dealt with different students, and they can guide you in the best class for you.

Technique classes should come as your foundation. After that, you can include the classes that appeal to you and the ones you feel confident about. Stretch yourself to the limits…go for styles that you have never tried and the ones that are out of your comfort zone.

2.    Balancing Your Schedule

There’s the need to balance your normal life with dance. Dance is essential and so is your family, school, work, and friends. I understand that dance is part of you, but also ensure that you have time for other interests. A healthy life is a balanced life.

3.    Dress Code

This aspect requires a bit of investment. Every class needs a particular dress code including the right shoes. To get the most out of your class, you must ensure that you dress correctly. In most cases, you will have to perform in specific attire, and, therefore, there’s the need to get acquainted when practicing. Have the perfect look, and don’t forget to label all your attires.

4.    Marking Your Calendar

A typical dance season takes around ten months. A season is comprised of:

It’s prudent to mark your calendar to prepare better and ensure that nothing catches you by surprise. Make sure that you have everything on track.

5.    Invite Someone

Dance is even exciting when shared. That’s right, sharing anything that you love with others makes it exciting and fun. You will be even more comfortable and confident around someone you know.

Spread the love – Tell a friend, to tell a friend who knows a friend…

6.    Know Your Teacher

Approach your dance classes with an open mind. Every teacher always has something great to offer. Remember, you never know which teacher can turn out to be your favorite!

Extra Pro Tips

When it comes to dance, hard work and discipline is everything. With the two, you’ll get there!

Always remember to:

  • Carry clean drinking water – ensure that your water bottle can carry enough water to last through your time in class
  • Purchase some more hair supplies – long hair is a distraction and should not come anywhere near your face. Durable rubber bands, hairnets, and bobby pins can really work out the magic.

Dance is all about positivity: high energy, fun, and positive vibes. Attend your dance classes with some high and positive energy, and a great mindset. Don’t forget to spread the sparkle!